Can I upload custom social media icons?
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Friday, August 05, 2016
By Zibster Support Hub
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Yes! You can upload a custom social media icon if you don't want to use our standard or designer icons that are already provided. This is a great way to make your site look even more custom. Our designer social media icons are great, but if you have a very specific look to your website and you'd like to carry that through, custom icons is a great way to do that. 

When you're creating your custom social media icons, keep in mind they must be uploaded at no larger than 24x24 pixels and they must be saved as a PNG file.

To get started, click on either the BUILDER icon, then click on the WEB PAGES tab and then the button for SOCIAL ICONS

This will bring you to a list of your social media icons that are already set up on your website. You can either click on the IMAGE of the icon you'd like to replace if it already exists, or click on NEW ICON to set up a new icon that is not already in your list.

Next, you will see a list of icons. Beneath that list is the area where you can upload a custom icon. Click on the ADD FILES button or drag and drop your file to the ADD FILES area to upload your file. When your file has been added, click on the green UPLOAD button that appears.

After you've uploaded the custom icon, you can add your URL and TOOL TIP below if needed. Make sure to click on SAVE CHANGES when this is complete.

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