How can I add or delete pages from my web pages?
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Thursday, August 04, 2016
By Zibster Support Hub
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Adding and deleting pages to your Zibster Builder website couldn't be easier! Feel free to add as many pages as you need, because pages are unlimited with your website! If you need to delete one of your pages, it just takes a click to do so.


To make changes to your pages, click on the BUILDER icon and then click on the WEB PAGES tab. All your current web pages will be listed on the left side of the page.

To add a new page, click on the NEW PAGE button and select the page type you would like to use from the drop-down list. If you're not sure which page type you need, click here to review the Builder Web Pages Guide.

After you click on a page type, that page will be added to the bottom of your list of pages. You can then rename your page by clicking on the pencil icon and you can drag and drop the page to put it in the order you'd like.


To delete a page (with all of its content), click on the TRASH CAN icon to the left of the page name.

After you click on the trash can icon, you'll get a pop up asking you to confirm that you want to delete your page. To permanently delete your page, click on YES, DELETE IT.