How do I link my products to my website?
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016
By Zibster, LLC
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Once you have created products in your Ecommerce, you will also need to create pages in your Builder to allow clients to view and purchase. Think of Ecommerce as your back end warehouse, and the Site Builder as the storefront that controls what everything looks like to your customers.

Click on your BUILDER icon then click on the WEB PAGES tab.

From there, click on NEW PAGE and select PRODUCTS.

This will add a new product page to the bottom of your list of pages. You can drag and drop the page to your desired location in the menu.

To rename the page, click on the page, it will highlight, you can click on the PENCIL icon to the right of the text that initially displays Extra Products. Once you have typed in your new page name, press the ENTER button on your keyboard to save it.

The most important aspect of setting up this page is the section labeled PRODUCTS. In this section you will choose what displays on this page and how you'd like the items displayed.

In the first section, CHOOSE WHAT TO DISPLAY ON THIS PAGE, you can choose from the following options:

  • Display ALL of your product categories: Displays all of your product categories and products
  • Display a single product category: Displays all the products in a single category
  • Display a single product: Displays one specific product
  • Display all products tagged with: Displays all products tagged with a specific tag. Enter the tag in the field provided, then click on ADD TAG.

In the second section, CHOOSE HOW TO DISPLAY ITEMS ON THIS PAGE, you can choose from the following options:

  • For sale online: Customers can view and purchase items
  • Catalog view with prices: Customers can view the items and prices but cannot purchase
  • Catalog view without prices: Customers can view the items, but will not see prices and cannot purchase.

Make the appropriate selections, then click on SAVE CHANGES.

Additionally, on the products page you have the ability to customize the following:

  • LAYOUT: Choose a layout that will control how the images and text of your product page displays
  • TITLE: Add a page title that will display at the top of the page
  • CONTENT: Allows you to add text content to your page that will display above the products
  • HTML: Allows you to add custom HTML code that will display below your products
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