How do I set up the marquee plus page?
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Tuesday, July 05, 2016
By Zibster Support Hub
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Marquee Plus Page is what we recommend for your Home Page on your Zibster website.  You can customize this page to do many things including call to actions, directing visitors to specific pages in your site and many other options.  This shows you how to configure the page.

You can add a Marquee Plus Page from your Site Builder by clicking on the new page button located in the Web Pages section of your Builder control panel.


The Marquee Plus Page can be customized in different sections: LAYOUT, SEO ICON, PAGE SETTINGS ICON, PAGE TITLE, BANNER IMAGES, CONTENT, LIST ITEMS, & HTML

  • LAYOUT section allows you to choose a layout for your page.  You have many different options here to fit what your vision is for your website. 
  • SEO ICON is where your meta data is automatically created based on your page content.  You can go into this area and customize your meta data (meta title, meta description, and meta keyword statements) as well. 
  • PAGE SETTINGS is where you can change your NAVIGATION NAME & PAGE NAME.  You can also go in and configure settings for your List Items.  You can set your PAGE VISIBILITY (Visible, Hidden, and Disabled).  You can view your DIRECT PAGE LINK.  You can setup password protection for your page. 
  • PAGE TITLE section allows you to change the title of the page that will show at the top of the page. This does not change what the page is labeled as in the menu.  This will also be the name of your friendly URL that shows in the address bar and/or search results for your visitors.
  • BANNER IMAGES section allows you to add images to your banner, either uploaded from your computer or inserted from the clipboard.  The SETTINGS button allows you to further customize your banner section behavior and look.
  • CONTENT section controls your text and also supports HTML code. 
  • LIST ITEMS section allows you to create buttons for visitors to click and enter different parts of your website, links to others place you have on the internet (Example: Facebook Page), or anything else you want people to be able to click and view from your website. 
  • HTML allows you to insert custom HTML code into your website.