How do I upload a logo?
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Monday, June 27, 2016
By Zibster Support Hub
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Adding a logo to your site is a great way to add branding and identity. Use these instructions to add a logo to your Builder.

From the Web Pages tab of the control panel, click on the Logo button on the left side of the screen. 

You can upload either a .JPG or a .PNG.  

  • Auto Size (JPG): The default option is to upload as a JPG. We will scale the logo to fit the space available. 
  • Original Format (JPG/PNG): Using a PNG gives you the most control over how your logo appears, and we recommend this setting. When you click on this option, you will also see the recommended and max size for your template. You can then size your logo to these specifications before uploading. By using a PNG, you can even save the file with a transparent background in your image editing software so that the background of your site shows through.

Now you can click on Add Files, and select a logo from your computer. Make sure to click the green upload button after you add your files. 

You will see a thumbnail of your logo after you upload it. Click save changes and you're done!

Make sure to view your site to see how the logo fills the space available.